Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wiring an electrical circuit can be easy.  This blog will show you how to wire a circuit from power to receptacle to light-switch to light-bulb. All you need(for this specific example) are the following materials: a light-socket, a light-bulb, a light-switch, a receptacle,(3) 14-2 w/g wires,and one wire nut. The following tools are also needed: a romex stripper, wire stripper, needle-nose pliers, and a screwdriver. But first, an explanation is needed for the purposes of these tools and materials.

Light Socket:
The light-socket is were the light-bulb screws in.  The light-socket has four screws on it two of which are gold and two of which are silver.  The silver are neutral and the gold are hot (we will talk more about these later).

The light-bulb is what produces light from electricity.

The light-switch acts as a gate allowing or not allowing electricity to flow the circuit.  It has two gold screws on it.  These are for the incoming and out going hot wires.

The receptacle allows electricity to flow to external devices such as a lamp, toaster, vacuum, etc...

14-2 w\g Romex Wires:
14-2 w\g romex wires are the wires which the electricity flows threw.


Romex Stripper
The romex stripper is used to strip romex wires.

Needle Nose Pliers
These are for bending the wires into hooks.

Wire Stripper
These are used to strip the individual wires inside the romex wire.

Screw Driver
This is used to turn the screws.

Wire Nut
This attaches two or three wires together.

Drawing a Diagram

Draw a diagram of the circuit you plan to make, when you are done it should look something like this.

Wiring the Receptacle

Strip off six inches of the incoming wire.  Take the black wire and white and strip three-quarters of an inch off of each of them.  Use the needle-nose pliers to bend the exposed wire to a ninety degree angle.  Now grip the tip of the exposed wire and bend it back around to create a hook.  Place the white hook (looping clock wise) around the silver screw and the black wire around the gold screw. Then Tighten both screws.  Get another wire strip, bend, and attach it into the receptacle as we did above.  

Wiring the Light-Switch

Strip the other end of the wire as we did above bend only the black wire into a hook.  Get another wire and do the same to one end of it.  Attach the black wires to the light-switch as you did with the receptacle.  lightly twist the exposed part of the two white wires together.  Then screw a wire nut over the top.  

Wiring the light

Strip the other end of the wire as we did above.  Bend the black and white wires into hooks as we did above, and screw them into the light-socket as we did with the receptacle.  Then screw the light bulb in.


You have now completed this circuit.